Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dead Of Winter To Do List

Days are short, the light dim and we huddle in our homes like refugees trying our best to avoid the frigid bite on the back of our necks and cheeks. It's winter, a time of year when a simple trip to the store turns into a creative dance of wrapping and bundling in preparation for that sharp arctic blast you know is waiting to greet you.

When the season changes people change along with it, those who embrace the cold and those who avoid it at all costs.When I was younger I admit I was of the embracing breed looking forward to the drop in temperature and became ecstatic with the prospect of snow. Many mornings I was fooled out of my warm bed by a cunning mother who would tell me a little white lie of snow fall. I would dash to the living room window to see the splendor that had transformed our neighborhood only to find a slight dusting of white powder. Winter was filled with the prospect of snow days, hockey on the pond and incredible group effort snow forts that turned into mini villages. To this day I enjoy the snow and how it changes my surroundings but unfortunately it is accompanied by cold which I have less and less tolerance for the as the years pass by.

As the our world falls into a cold slumber, winter provides us a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. These plans usually result in building a mammoth "To Do" list that not even the most organized person could accomplish.  For me, organization is important for everyday life, I admit that I am a list maker. I have a list for everyday of the week sometimes even lists for the list and although I do not always adhere to the tasks I use it as reference when suddenly the day seems to be going nowhere. This way of living was presented to me by a dear friend when I went from being a  part time Vintage Seller to full timer. I had become panicked over the smallest of things feeling like I had an iron in every fire and they were all getting burnt up. She shared with me the that a list could keep me on task and at the end of the day I would have a sense of accomplishment which I found all to be true although at the time I could not see.

In my typical stubborn fashion I fought composing a TO DO list using excuses such as it would take too much time to compose and I can handle this one I get accustomed to being self employed. Of course both these thoughts were the furthest thing from reality as I found myself in a daily tailspin of jumping from one thing to another and accomplishing nothing. I finally bought into the "List" idea and gave myself the goal of one week. I would use this list I had been presented with and keep track of my accomplishments. Still hesitant the following morning I made my list for the day and felt the rush of being overwhelmed wash over me. Could I really accomplish that much in a single day or would I feel like a failure if my list was not accomplished.

Let me tell you at the end of that first day I felt like Moses had come and led me to the promise land. Not every item had been crossed off but the majority of tasks had been accomplished and I had even added a couple of extra things during the day. The few things that remained transferred to the following days list and I was off and running. My life had changed and as I got into the swing of it I found I had more time for the things that I wanted to do but did not fit into my business plan before. Suddenly not only was my professional life heading down the right track but my house was clean, the dust your could scroll your name in was not everywhere and most importantly I felt a huge sense of accomplishment! Oddly this new sense of accomplishment gave me a boost in self esteem as well making me realize that this vintage venture I had taken on could work and with the right mix of time, motivation and know how being self employed was truly possible.

I admit it... I fight change! Always have and probably in some sense probably always will. As I get older though I can see that my way is not always the right way and others input is sometimes the most valuable means to a solution. Without my friend and her helpful idea more than likely I would still be spinning around accomplishing little, that is if I had not given up and gone back to work for someone else.

Funny how sometimes the things we fight and avoid can turn out to be the catalyst to send us on a new adventure in life and provide us with a fulfillment that we did not know existed. I started writing this post to share a little about my childhood, a couple of fantastic vintage items I found this past week and a killer Beef Stew recipe I ran across and instead I shared my secret to a more organized and happy life ..... Maybe I should have made a list! Since winter will still be around in a week get your stew meat, carrots onions and potatoes ready and I will share an incredible meal with you!

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